FAQ for a Professional Real Estate Photographer


    Exactly how much time is actually needed for the actual photo shoot session - time may viary based on several variables i.e. property size

    How can I set up the client's property ahead of time - it should appear clean and even organized in a pleasant way

    How much do you actually charge people - will depend on the specific agreement prepared

    Can I cancel my photo shoot? Notice is compulsory in times of cancelling. Or else, others could actually charge for their service in case it is not canceled on time

    What kind of professional photography apparatus do you usually utilize - customers seek out high quality, expert tools that would reveal the best features of the building or house

    Who retains the rights to the photos? a photographer keeps the rights to all of the images due to the license

    Could you travel or journey for photo shoots? lots of photographers travel at the expenditure of their client

    What happens when the weather changes? In the event that climatic conditions change, the customer is permitted to defer the photo shoot session.

    Do you Photoshop your very own pictures - lots of really professional photographers do not actually make use of Photoshop

    Precisely how and when would I get my pictures - most expert photographers send completed work in twenty-four hours through either Dropbox or in CDs

    Do you actually offer some other related services - some other services can actually include home staging

    What is usually the minimum - a photographer decides on the specific number of images to be taken based on payment

    Professional real estate photography is also thrilling and rewarding especially if the customer is pleased. Furthermore it greatly helps in promoting and selling of any property.

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